Our Company at a Glance

BioXTEND® Co. specializes in post-harvest solutions.

We supply the following products for the global fresh produce supply chain:

> We manufacture a wide range of upscale air purification systems & filters designed to remove ethylene, bacteria and molds from storage & transit facilities to protect and preserve the commodities.

> We manufacture widely used strip chart temperature recorders to simply and efficiently monitor the temperature of in-transit perishables.

>We Supply Advanced Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): bulk and retail bags.

Our experts have a strong knowledge & a long-term experience of the global post-harvest challenges related to ETHYLENE issues and MAP applications: they took their classes and broadly contributed to the business development of some of the main players in both fields.

Our pledge

To assist our industry optimize the quality & freshness of produce thus reducing losses and waste worldwide.

Our mission

To bring value to the global fresh produce supply chain with user friendly, cost-efficient, safe and reliable solutions

Our values of

• Affordability in the products and services we offer
• Quality in both our manufacturing process and serivce standards
Commitment to providing real solutions to our customers

Has enabled our company to experience record growth in the post-harvest industry. We hope that you provide us the opportunity to show you ourselves!