Produce Facts

The average US Family throws away 24lbs. of produce EACH MONTH. If there was ever a time to implement the use of ethylene removal systems all along the fresh produce supply chain, it would be RIGHT NOW!

Into the trash it goes.
A federal study found that 96.4 billion pounds of edible food was wasted by U.S. retailers, food service businesses and consumers in 1995 - about 1 pound of waste per day for every adult and child in the nation at that time. That doesn't count food lost on farms and by processors and wholesalers.

For a family of four people, that amounted to about 122 pounds of food thrown out each month in grocery stores, restaurants, cafeterias, and homes. Here is a depiction of that family's monthly share, the sum of waste in eight different food groups as detailed in the study.


Download produce information and guidelines:

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