BXT100 Filters for Transit

Main Benefits

  • • The in-transit atmosphere is kept free of bacteria, ethylene and fungi spores.
  • • Freshness, original color and weight of produce are maintained and shelf life is extended
  • • Environmental pollution, crossed contamination and odor contents are strongly reduced.
  • • Mold development is contained.

Instructions of Use

The fully disposable BXT100 filters should be located in the area where the greatest air passage is, i.e. the suction grid/blower of the cooling equipment. They may as well be used in ships' holds.

Fitting the filters to the air-return grid is a quick and user-friendly operation. The filters are held in place with plastic zip ties which are provided with the product.


The BioX® PELLET contained into the filter is not in contact with the commodities whatsoever, and therefore it is not an additive (no residue) and it is organic compliant. The exhausted residue is environmentally friendly and may be discarded in the regular trash.


40in. (100cm) long cylindrical filter with 2.4lbs. (1.1kg) of weight and 1.75in. (4.5cm) diameter, allowing high performance filtration without affecting the airflow
Upscale Ethylene Absorption Capacity ranging from 2.8 to 4.2 Liters of Ethylene per kilogram of product. All our components meet ISO9001 standards
Packaged in boxes of 9 units, delivered with zip ties to fix the filters onto the air intake/blower’s grid
Each Filter is individually wrapped in an airtight plastic bag enabling long term storage
Each box holds a label with its control & traceability reference number

Quality Control Label on each Bag & Case holding:

  • • Product Description & Quantity
  • • Product Reference
  • • Date of Manufacture
  • • Granule specs